Exercise is a great way to keep yourself fit especially when you are ageing. It doesn’t let your body get rusty and help you in maintaining your body’s vigour.

With the growing age, your organs also grow old. Once the organ starts growing older, the ability for them to function properly also slows down. For example, you can eat a certain amount of food when you are in your 20s or 30s. But, same is not possible when you hit your 50s or 60s. As the body will no longer be able to digest the food it used to before, similarly the functioning of our heart also gets affected as our heart is required to pump blood throughout the day with the help of other supporting organs, in order to maintain the functionality it is important to maintain the functioning of the supporting organs as well.

Exercise helps the heart beat rate to increase. It helps in pumping more blood and oxygen to the other parts of the body to perform well. With exercise, the digestion also improves. The food that you eat helps in generating energy and nourishing the body. We all have witnessed people who exercise properly are way healthier than those who doesn’t.

Regardless of your age, to achieve a better health and a working body, you should exercise more often and with full enthusiasm.